BLUE UNIVERSE PRAYER – Tatjana Webster (Premio Speciale “Città del Galateo” 2020 Roma)


Mighty powers flowing from the sea,

reaching golden clouds in the sky,

as birds flying higher and high,

toward unknown deep blue space,

embracing the universe.

Let me not feel the fear,

let not my strength break down,

in my aching state of my mind,

let my thoughts not drown.

Looking at the roaring sea without a shore,

searching for answers among scattered clouds,

desperately trying to hide my doubts,

with my heart full of fear, let my thoughts fly free.

With love in my heart, I search for you,

with a song in my soul, I reach to you

every day of my life.

With my arms outstretched,

I walked so many life’s paths,

searching for my heart to be made whole

and in my soul, peacefulness.

I could not see you,

I could not hear you,

but I felt your power.

Despite my doubts and fears,

I had many joys and tears,

not knowing what I would find.

You led me to bountiful land

full of joy and discoveries,

full of intriguing mysteries,

helping me to find my inner self.

I am praying to lift my heavy load,

with my head mercifully bowed,

with my arms reaching

with my vision somehow blurred.

I will continue humbly to pray,

and I know I will obey the universe rules,

trying never to give up until I feel your power,

filling my heart blossoming like a flower.

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